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Successfully Defending Against Child Pornography

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Hello, I am Patrick Clancy, founder of the Innocence Legal Team. California’s number one sex child pornography defense law firm.


If you have been accused of, arrested for, or implicated in trafficking, exchanging or possessing child pornography, you are in serious jeopardy. These crimes include violation of PC 311. 311.11, 18 USC 2251, 2252,


Child pornography cases can be tried in either federal or state courts. Federal prosecution is far more serious with longer mandatory sentences of up to 40 years. We, therefore, make every effort to keep a case of this kind in state court if possible.


Defending cases alleging child pornography offenses depends on legal and technical expertise. With over four decades of experience, our attorneys know how to protect clients implicated in child pornography cases.


The Innocence Legal Team and our experts understand the internet, the way it works, and how to use that information to establish your defense. We know that unrequested files can be sent to computers and our experts are able to prove that in court.


We know that more than one person can use a computer and where to look to find evidence of another user.


We know that many images may arrive in an encrypted file and that not all images are viewed by the user or even known by the user to exist.


If you are the user and have deleted unwanted images, our team can establish a defense based on temporary possession of child pornography for deletion.


There are many other defenses to possession based on an in-depth knowledge of the inner working of computers and the Internet.


Innocence Legal Team’s experience includes understanding how the laws regarding pornography versus child pornography have changed since the seventies. While pornography is readily available, possessing child pornography is still considered a serious felony.


Yet what is considered child pornography is often based on perceptions by people with strong political or religious views, not the law. Well-known and respected artists have painted the nude bodies of children with adults or by themselves for centuries.


Most lawyers do not have the experience to try a child pornography case at either the state or federal level. They may therefore urge you to accept a plea bargain without having first made an investigation of your defenses. The Innocence Legal Team is different. We thoroughly investigate and prepare a case before considering a plea bargain.


Should you be convicted, the Innocence Legal Team can provide the legal justification for the judge to sentence you below the recommended punishment.


If you have been accused or are under investigation for a child pornography offense, The Innocence Legal Team is your best chance of proving your innocence.