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Successfully Defending Against Sex Crimes

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If you have been charged with or are under investigation for any sex crime you are likely not only look at a long prison sentence but also lifetime registration as a sex offender, the destruction of your reputation and the end of your career.


Your best hope is the Innocence Legal Team, California’s top sex crime defense law firm.


Hello, I am Patrick Clancy. Innocence Legal Team founder and chief strategist.


Knowledge is power especially if you are facing a sex crime accusation such as child molestation, sexual battery, child pornography or an internet sting. This video will give you critical knowledge that can save your life.


The DA has special sex crime prosecution units which receive practically unlimited federal funds. These prosecutions are part of the criminal justice system, but there is very little justice in them. Why? After generations of brainwashing by the “Believe the Woman,” “Believe the Child,” “Me Too” and all the other “Believe the Victim movements,” society has lost the ability to think critically. Political correctness has replaced real investigation which are now limited exclusively to finding evidence of guilt instead of uncovering the truth. Prosecutors, and even judges and jurors, presume you’re guilty notwithstanding your constitutional right to the presumption of innocence.


If charged with child molestation, the accused is thus put in a position to prove his innocence not withstanding the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence. The Innocence Legal Team understands this and has decades of experience in proving the accuser’s motivation to make false sexual abuse allegations. For example, we know how to prove a child has been subjected to parental alienation in a custody battle and/or repeated biased questions by authorities.


Most child molestation charges are felonies and include PC288 which prohibits various kinds of lewd acts on children. A life term may be imposed if convicted of significant sexual contact of a child 10 years or younger or of having multiple victims.


For decades the crimes of rape and sexual assault has been known as the easiest criminal allegations to make by an alleged victim and the hardest to disprove by the accused. These crimes include date rape, rape with a foreign object, gang rape, spousal rape and a plethora of other offenses under penal codes 262,264,266, 286 and 289.


Defenses in such cases often center around the issue of consent. Rape shield laws prevent the introduction of the accuser’s previous sexual history to prove consent. However, the Innocence Legal Team is experienced in being able to introduce such evidence on other relevant grounds.


Sentences for Rape run from three to six years. A convicted person also faces sex offender registration, one or more strikes, loss of firearms rights, loss of professional license and, importantly, loss of livelihood and reputation.


If you have been accused of, arrested for, or implicated in trafficking, exchanging or possessing child pornography, you are in serious jeopardy. These crimes include violation of PC 311. 311.11, 18 USC 2251, 2252,


Child pornography cases can be tried in either federal or state courts. Federal prosecution is far more serious with longer mandatory sentences of up to 40 years. We, therefore, make every effort to keep a case of this kind in state court if possible.


Defending cases alleging child pornography offenses depends on legal and technical expertise. With over four decades of experience, our attorneys know how to protect clients implicated in child pornography cases.


The Innocence Legal Team and our experts understand the internet, the way it works, and how to use that information to establish your defense. We know that unrequested files can be sent to computers and our experts are able to prove that in court.


We know that more than one person can use a computer and where to look to find evidence of another user.


We know that many images may arrive in an encrypted file and that not all images are viewed by the user or even known by the user to exist.


If you are the user and have deleted unwanted images, our team can establish a defense based on temporary possession of child pornography for deletion.


There are many other defenses to possession based on an in-depth knowledge of the inner working of computers and the Internet.


Most lawyers do not have the experience to try a child pornography case at either the state or federal level. They may therefore urge you to accept a plea bargain without having first made an investigation of your defenses. The Innocence Legal Team is different. We thoroughly investigate and prepare a case before considering a plea bargain.



You can be arrested and prosecuted for serious sex crimes just for role-playing on the Internet. Hello, I am Patrick Clancy Innocence Legal Team Founder and Chief Strategist.


If you have been arrested or are under investigation for attempting to arrange a meeting with or sending “harmful matter” to a minor for a sexual purpose, or attempting to do so, you need the best legal help available. The Innocence Legal Team has been defending people against such prosecutions for almost as long as there has been an internet.


The California legislature has enacted legislation enabling decoys to snare hundreds if not thousands of innocent individuals who had no intention of meeting a minor. Meaning no actual minors were involved at all.

Attempted Child Molestation (Penal Code § 664/288(a))

Because no minor is actually involved, it is factually impossible to be accused of child molestation. But, factual impossibility is not a defense to an attempt. How serious is this? In the State of California, “attempt” crimes carries one half of the sentence for the underlying offense


Lewd acts with a minor under the age of fourteen years (Penal Code § 288(a)) carries a sentence of eight years in prison; therefore, attempted lewd acts with a minor under the age of fourteen carries four years in the state prison. Further, the defendant, if convicted, must register as a sex offender every time he/she moves and on his/her birthday for the remainder of his/her life. More often if transient.

[Harmful Matter (Penal Code § 288.2)/Child Pornography or Sexual Exploitation of a Child (Penal Code § 311.3)]

During these “sting chats” between police decoys posing as minors, a suspect may engage in “cyber sex” role-playing. For such conversations, a suspect can be charged with attempting to “send” harmful matter to a minor. Police decoy minors will also generally ask suspects to send images which can also be considered “harmful matter.”


The Innocence Legal Team has long experience in dealing with, and winning, just such cases.


I have gathered the most talented attorneys, paralegals, experts, and investigators in the state. They are smart, tenacious, and dedicated to winning. They are your army, every bit and even more capable than any DA or prosecutor’s office.


The Innocence Legal Team is dedicated, not only to protecting your freedom, but also protecting your career and reputation.


The Innocence Legal Team is your team.