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I am committed to discovering and uncovering the truth no matter where the search takes me. I am not swayed by public opinion, political correctness or outside pressures of any type. Indeed, I pride myself on being relentless in the pursuit of truth and justice.


Charles E. Rafferty is a renowned Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator who has served in diverse roles from Court Appointed Investigator to Executive Protection Agent. He has conducted criminal investigations in a variety of areas including Allegations of Sexual Molestation of a Minor, Child Endangerment, Child Abduction, Child Abuse, Rape and controlled substances. He is experienced and knowledgeable in locating evidence and witnesses to discover the truth as to what has occurred.


I am a Board Criminal Defense Investigator. That means I uphold the highest ethical and scientific principles and methodology to find information sources, obtaining pertinent evidence, evaluate its credibility and seek corroboration. It also means employing the same principles in debunking false evidence.


To maximize the effectiveness of this approach, a joint effort between the public defender system and the private investigation profession culminated in what is known as the Component Method.


The Component Method is a system of accepted and proven investigative procedures designed to uncover leads and develop questions with each component leading to the next component in turn. The result is an investigation which can be relied upon with confidence.


The six components of criminal defense investigation defining the Component Method are as follows;


  • Investigative Case Review & Analysis
  • The Defendant Interview
  • Crime Scene Examination, Diagrams & Photography
  • Victim/Witness Background Investigations
  • Witness Interviews & Statements
  • Report of Investigation & Testifying

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