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Case Study

In the 1990’s, a new phenomenon was being reported. It was called “Recovered Memory.” The new theory was that the patients, mostly women, had been molested as children, but had no memory of the molestation. Therapy was designed to “recover” such memories. However, eventually, the State of Washington cut off funding for this type of “therapy” because it was found that patients were getting worse, not better.


However, application of the extensively and developed, and scientifically validated, field of suggestibility revealed that the methods used to “recover memory” consisted of nothing but suggestibility. This theory was discredited and has all but been extinguished due to lawsuits against therapists.

What did the Innocence Legal Team do? Patrick Clancy, founder and Chief Strategist of the Innocence Legal Team, took 20 hours of advance continuing education credits at John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore. The head of the Department of Psychiatry had formed an advisory group of professionals to end this scourge on the vulnerable patient population. The leading experts in the world on suggestibility and memory are part of this organization. Patrick Clancy is an attorney specializing in criminal law, but he agreed to take ten civil cases against some of these “advocate” therapists. He obtained a recovery in all ten cases.


A video also on this web site was created to warn the public. It is called “Making Memories” (link?). It has been shown numerous times on Public Television in the United States and Canada. It features Laura Pasley who was the first person to successfully sue her therapist for implanting beliefs in her mind that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Lee Coleman is also part of the video. Dr. Coleman was the expert for one of the accused in the McMartin case which still holds the record of the largest false molestation case in U.S> history. Patrick Clancy was part of this Public Service video based upon his representation of the falsely accused in criminal and civil cases. SCIENCE SETS YOU FREE.

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